Import For You Program

Import For You (I4U) Program is a new service we provide to our customers starting from early of 2020. With the rules and regulation updated by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), we are now able to DIRECT IMPORT vehicles (Cars and Motorcycles) from JAPAN, AUSTRALIA and UNITED KINGDOM, with the condition that the vehicle age was between 1-5 years.

In the diagram below, we will show you how customers can DIRECT IMPORT vehicels through us.

How Import For You Program Works:

  • Customer may search for vehicle online by themselves through website (, and etc) and inform us about it, or customer may directly look for us to source for the vehicle they are looking for.
  • After gathering information about the customer needs, we will contact our personnel at Japan/Australia/UK to locate and inspect the vehicle on behalf of the customer.
  • After the right unit is found, a detail quotation and agreement contract will be prepared for the customer to review. Customer will be requires to pay downpayment if he/she agrees to proceed with the vehicle.
  • We will prepare all the neccesary documents here while our personnel at the vehicle's location will handle the vehicle from retrieving the vehicle, load into containers and all the forwarding works.
  • We will receive a detail report about the vehicle such as price, year of manufacturer, mileage, exterior and interior condition, accessories, any possible accident records and etc.
  • Customer may proceed for loan arrangement, plate no registration or trade in arrangement while waiting for the shipment.
  • After the vehicle arrived at Malaysia Port, we will bring the vehicle back to our showroom and handle all the custom clearance, import duty, AP arrangement, predelivery inspection and so on.
  • Customer may come to our showroom to pick up his/her vehicle after all payment are clear.
  • For outskirt customer, we can always make arrangement to forward your beloved vehicle to your door step.

Price Charges (Back to back, no hidden fees)

After understanding how Import For You (I4U) program works, we would like to breakdown on the price to import a vehicle from outside of Malaysia. The charges is based on the 4 categories listed below, with no hidden or additional charges.

  • Vehicle Price - Selling price as finallized on website's auction or price tag, and also the currency exchange rate for the day of payment to supplier.
  • AP & Forwarding - Charges around RM30,000 including import permit, forwarding charges, Custom declaration and paperwork on authorities department like MITI and etc.
  • Taxation - Depends on vehicle model, brand and manufactured year. Custom official receipt will be provided custom department clearance.
  • Service Charge - This is our only charges which is between 5%-7% on total cost price.

Some of the Successful Deals

From UK

From Japan

From Japan

From Japan